Business Life is Real Life

Business Life is Real Life



By Learnio Staff

The last few years have squeezed the stuffing out of so many of us personally, professionally and fundamentally challenged our values. We’re now tiptoeing our way into post-pandemic life. We’re creating the future physically, digitally and relationally.

Business Life is Real Life

One illusion that was shattered throughout the gnarliest parts of 2020-2022 is that our professional lives are not separate from our personal lives. The purpose we derive from the vocation we choose to do impacts our sense of fulfillment at home and vice versa. Through my own business journey and by interviewing some of the top business and marketing leaders in the US, I learned that business life is real life. This has had a massive impact on the global work force. From the Great Resignation to Quiet Quitting to our mental health, entrepreneurs, employers and employees have all felt the shift.

In some ways it’s a chance to start over. The pandemic was such a profound inflection point, you could call it a reckoning for all of us. With that in mind, more attention is being paid to quality of life during those hours we spend at work. And as we move forward, as a another year rolls to an end, and another begins, how will we start?

  • Never stop learning
  • Give yourself a break
  • Trust the process

Learnio was borne out of a mixture of all of the above; a re-evaluation of the ‘work-life-is-real-life’ philosophy and a desire to create smart content that brings high value, features incredible research, technology and makes professional development easier.

Professional Engineers are eager to share their knowledge, proud to talk about the work, and curious about new ideas.

Over the course of the last year I’ve had the privilege of facilitating powerful conversations with dozens of experts on topics like how to foster influential thought leadership to global ethics of engineering to the delicate act of detonating WW2 bombs while building the worlds longest submerged tunnel. Each person is passionate and deeply knowledgeable, and eager to share with others.

Start Here

All of those conversations and dozens more are available in the Learnio Audio Library. So I invite you to start here and see where it takes you. Be inspired by and educated by brilliant engineers.

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