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Laura Bottomley • Barbie Hates Math?

Young Girls, Education and Future Engineers are closely tied together. Dr. Bottomley, Electrical Engineer, has been studying engineering education for 30+ years and has found some profound insights into why and when girls - and eventually women - opt out of engineering fields. And it's probably not what you think.

Robert Thirsk • An Astronauts Take On The New Space Industry

Robert Thirsk holds the Canadian record for the most time spent in space (204 days 18 hours). In this illuminating and wide-ranging CPD module, Dr. Thirsk dives into the importance of space exploration for medical technology that will help vulnerable communities, the 'race to Mars' and much more. Don't miss it.

Mary Wells • The Challenges of Modern Engineering Education

Does Engineering education need an overhaul? Dean Mary Wells (U of Waterloo) covers a wide range of topics from the existential pressure on students to creating to new models of learning within the constraints of an old system.

Ryan Starkovich • SoFi Stadium (Part 2) – Innovative solutions for managing air flow

Revolutionary Stadium Design and a Super Bowl debut: How an Engineering Team Overcame Major Challenges to Create a $5Bn Airflow-Optimized Venue.

Temple Grandin • Clever Engineering, Neurodiversity and The Skills Gap

Professor, Animal Behaviourist, NYT best-selling author and world renowned Autism Advocate Temple Grandin talks about her book Visual Thinking and how 'clever engineering' is in danger of disappearing.

Svetlana Brzev • Why Many Concrete Buildings Collapsed In The 2023 Turkey Earthquakes

Leading Earthquake Engineer Svetlana Brzev, PhD shares early lessons for engineers from the M7.8 and 7.5 earthquakes that devastated parts of Turkey and Syria on Feb 6, 2023.

Tim Mattson • Everyone Will Be a Computer Programmer

Think computer engineering isn't relevant to your work as a civil or electrical engineer? From Intel's Parallel Computing Lab, Tim Mattson explains how the future of software involves all of us becoming programmers and having a deeper understanding of software is vital.

Catherine Rosenberg • Basics of 5G

Canada Research Chair in Future Internet walks you through the technical aspects of 5G cellular, steps telecom providers must take to prepare and how it will impact rural and remote regions.

Dena Burnett • Bad Vibrations: Tractors + Micro-concussions

Applying an engineering approach to help mitigate damage caused to farmers who spend 12-16 hours at a time riding machinery that creates full-body vibration.

Chris Couse • Modernizing a Legendary Venue

Very few architects get to work on iconic musical venues, and Chris Couse has worked on many. 120 yr old Massey Hall in Toronto, Ontario posed many engineering problems and one very modern solution.

Gina Cody • Women in Engineering

One of Canada's most successful women engineers discusses being the first female PhD grad from Concordia FoE, to having the school named after her.

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